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Approached for a .com domain I own. Scam??

Discussion in 'Selling Domain Names' started by theta, Mar 18, 2018.

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    Mar 2018
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    Hi Everyone,

    Newbie in domain selling here. In fact, I've never sold a domain and never really intended to, but I was approached a few times by different people with some interesting offers. 2 or 3 of them were blatant fraudsters and as soon as I mentioned that there would be no deal unless we used escrow.com they didn't bother me any more.

    One of them though is still interested and they've sent me a purchase agreement and want to use Payoneer for the transaction.

    I've read the purchase agreement and it reads as if they're brokering a deal for a buyer. It seems alright but I'm not a lawyer. Also, they're based in San Francisco so the purchase agreement is under the California law - if that makes any difference.

    As a side note, initially I was contacted by a guy on LinkedIn who wanted to buy the domain for $100 for his 'personal project'. (which became a Silicon Valley company that went on to receive $6 mil in Series A financing) I rejected his offer and forgot all about it until I got a message on my phone from the brokers mentioned above offering me money. They phoned me up because the email they got from whois was no longer in use (I've had the domain for 15 years and forgot to update the details when my old email went defunct!), so I never received their emails.

    So, my questions to the more knowledgeable peeps around here:

    1) First and foremost - do you think it's a very elaborate scam? I mean I've ignored their calls and emails for months and they're still at it.

    2) Is it normal to have this sort of purchase agreements signed before the sale of a domain?

    3) Is Payoneer legit (looks like it) and if it is, is it a good/recommended way of receiving funds? Seems like their escrow fees are $75 + 1% for payments of $5000 - $50000 + 2% for sending it to a UK bank account in GBP.

    4) Finally, without wanting to get too excited on the prospect, how much would it be worth? My domain is their companyname.com I asked around $20,000 and they were ok with it. Should I take the money and run or should I negotiate for more?

    It just feels like a case of 'too good to be true' and usually that's not good!

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    It could be legit. 20k a is a good offer on something that you may never sell again so that is a call all domainers have to make. The problem for them could actually be 'your' credibility hence Payoneer. Normally for serious buyers I would send an invoice and only then transfer the domain on full completion of payment - even for 20k. But as you say you may radiate newbness with no track record.

    Feel free to pm the transfer letter in confidence.