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Dan Commission Update


Jul 2, 2019
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Hi DJ,

As a valuable seller, you appreciate the importance of a seamless marketplace that offers easy, fast and secure domain ownership transfers. At Dan, that's been a core part of our mission as we strived to reinvent the domain trading experience.

By joining forces with GoDaddy, we aim to create the best end-to-end solutions to trade and monetize domains for domain owners around the world. Here are some examples of how we’re doing just that from our recent product updates.

  • Enabling access to Afternic’s distribution network to increase your sales velocity

  • Revamping the Buyer Control Panel to better manage conversations and lease-to-own conversion
  • Integrating GoDaddy CashParking to connect directly to your Dan landers

  • Making portfolio management improvements so it’s easier to manage your domains

  • Unveiling access to Dan brokerage specialists to increase your chance of selling and selling price since you can outsource your negotiation to the best

  • And, we’re just getting started!
Together, we plan to bring the best of each into a unified platform that serves your best interest.

As we work towards a unified platform, it’s important to align the disparate commission models currently in place. On February 1, 2023, the following commission structure will go into effect.

  • 15% commission for domains sold that are pointed to nameservers at Dan, Afternic, or Uniregistry; regardless of where it sells on the network or through the landers directly.

  • 25% commission for domains sold that are not pointed to nameservers at Dan, Afternic, or Uniregistry.
*Note: Import your own leads will continue to operate at the 5% commission rate

This new commission model rewards sellers choosing to do more business with our platform by using any of our For Sale Lander options and opt-in to Afternic’s Distribution network. If your domain points to one of our nameservers (Dan, Afternic, or Uniregistry) when it sells, then you automatically receive a 15% commission rate. For those already using Afternic’s distribution network, this provides a significant reduction in commission rate versus the 20% charged by Afternic.

Our goal with this change is to align with other marketplaces and reflect the value provided to Dan customers, including automated payout and domain transfers, advanced portfolio management and near 24x7 customer support.

We didn’t take this step lightly. We carefully reviewed numerous options. Here’s one example of impact to an average seller who sales 40% of their domains on Dan and 60% on Afternic.

Old Plan

Platform Sales Revenue Commission Rate Commission Payout to Seller

Afternic $60,000 20% $12,000 $48,000

Dan $40,000 9% $3,600 $36,400

Totals $100,000 $15,600 $84,400

New Plan

Platform with domain pointed to Afternic, Dan or Uniregistry

Sales Revenue Commission Rate Commission

Payout to Seller

Afternic $60,000 15% $9,000 $51,000

Dan $40,000 15% $6,000 $34,000

Totals $100,000 $15,000 $85,000

$600 increase in payout to seller

*Note: For those using long-term installments, subject to VAT or other situations unique to the seller, the net amount paid to the seller could differ from the examples above.

This updated commission model can become even more advantageous when utilizing Lease-To-Own options where we will continue to split the service fees with the seller.

For those not yet using the Afternic distribution network, we highly recommend opting in today so you can see the increased sales for yourself. You opt into Afternic by following the directions here (https://news.dan.com/220185-dan-com-product-update-7)

Our focus on creating the best unified platform for you is an important output of this change. Here is a quick preview what’s coming soon:

  • Adding Lease-To-Own to Dan’s lead importer, expanding two of our most popular services to create more liquidity for your domains.

  • Leveraging new data tools to optimize our sales lander conversion to increase your sell-through rate

  • Experimenting with up-front down payment options to help reduce the cancellation rate on Lease-To-Own transactions and provide more flexibility for sellers.
Happy Selling!

With kind regards,

So it didn't take them long for them to do what we all feared an expected. I won't be taking any offers from Dan or Afternic with a whopping 25% commission!!!

So where are you all going to go then?
Make your own lander. All mine now point to my basic lander.

I'm in the process of putting something in place, but I use Bodis mainly so will use their landers instead of redirecting to dan in the meantime. Do you have an example of the landers you are using?
I have mine at Sedo on buy now. Commission is 10% with no min.
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For those already using Afternic’s distribution network, this provides a significant reduction in commission rate versus the 20% charged by Afternic.

Well, as pointed out on namepros, that's false information from Dan.com:

That 20% commission is for domains bellow $5000, those above are lower, until next month that is...

I sent Dan support this earlier:
Could you explain how charging different commission based on where the domain name servers point complies with European Competition Law? I don't think it does, therefore as a company in the Netherlands, you wouldn't be legally allowed to do this?

If a transaction is initiated, and I change the name servers prior to completing the transaction, which commission will be charged?

I got the following reply:
Thank you for your response. I have relayed your first question to my senior supervisor, who will be back tomorrow to further assist.

Regarding the nameservers, they have to be pointed at either Dan, Afternic, Uniregistry, or Godaddy Auctions when the transaction is initiated and during the transaction to qualify for the 15% commission.
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I didn't realise they has reduced the fee and removed the minimum fee - what have enquiries been like? Cheers!

As they are all buy now you don't get enquiries just a sales email when the domain is sold. Saves wasting time negotiating. Just keep the price realistic.

Even if you list at £99 buy now commission is just £9.99 as long as they are parked there.
The video the guy used to have before actively told people not to buy the name and register a free one instead, I find it all very amusing.

BTW, I wouldn't be going down this route!!
ive been using https://domainmanage.co.uk/.

works great and allows you to add buy it now buttons via paypal etc

Previously (before i had my own tag) I rolled my own wordpress site (link in sig) and just forward the domain to a wordpress page. Worked really well, and with a bit of content per domain also harvested some adsense income from the traffic. Contact form on every page... really easy.

Havent updated it in couple years though really
Hi Dee,
I agree that domainmanage works well. Im thinking about leaving Dan.com and using domainmanage myself. I would be very wary of using the BIN PayPal buttons though, unless it's a small amount.
Reason being the possibility of a PayPal charge PayPal wont support you if the buyer claims the money back. Equals lost money and domain name.
Best of luck.
The problem, as others mentioned in the other thread, is the trust factor. Not only that, DAN has plenty of stuff built in, like escrow, domain leasing and payment plans for example. It's hard managing your own landers and making them appeal trustworthy enough to buy from, unfortunately.

I guess you could take leads from DAN and try and move them away from DAN to close the sale. But then, of course, you're also opening yourself up to scammers.

15% is fucking greedy though, and 25% is taking the piss.
Dan have shot themselves in the foot with this godaddy merger and these hiked commissions. Never thought I'd be back looking at Sedo! - Does anyone have examples of their landing pages with say adsense to monetise while making it clear the domain could be for sale?
Any other ideas would be welcome by all I'm sure?
Cheers, Jim.
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The 1st of Feb is fast approaching, so what has everyone decided to do?

I am currently utilising Bodis landers with just an enquiry page, but am concerned about adblockers etc..

I am currently exploring sedo, but I really dislike their UI, it needs a serious overhaul.

I might give efty landers another try, as it has been a few years since I last had a look at them. I noticed Coherent has switched to them with saw.com brokerage integration (15% commission or $250.00 whichever is greater). Example here:


The brokerage is optional, but might not be a bad idea on more premium names. At least they will be negotiating the deal for 15%, rather than just processing the payment like dan.com.

So what have you all decided to do?
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I am currently utilising Bodis landers with just an enquiry page, but am concerned about adblockers etc..

i am thinking to use the Bodis landers for now - what’s the issue with adblockers? isn’t the link to a new page rather than any type of pop-up?
or does an adblocker stop the link from being displayed?

it’s working on my iPhone for http://buildingmaintenance.uk/
it’s working on my iPhone for http://buildingmaintenance.uk/

This page doesn't load correctly on my chrome browser with ublock origin installed, even with ublock origin disabled. It does load correctly in incognito. I have tried clearing cookies etc. but I still just get a generic bodis add page and when I click on the enquiry link it loops back round to the same page.

This is the link it produces:

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