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_co_uk Established Fish Pond Drop Ship Website For Sale

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by Stu Whisson, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Jun 2021
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    Brief Website Description: Fish Pond & Equipment Drop Ship UK based established website
    Website Price (£ - Roughly): Open to sensible offers.
    Domain Age: 3 years
    Website Visitors in the last 12 months: 15759
    Turnover (Last 12 months - £): 80000
    Net Profit (Last 12 months - £): 10000
    Reason For Sale: Looking to move onto another project

    Simple to run positive cash flow drop shipping business. Received a great deal of organic traffic, plus the website is a known supplier of fish ponds and fish equipment, so people search for us directly also. The cost of running the business is around £50 per month. Margins are around 10% on ponds but easily could be more if using advertising to push the brand more. Margins on equipment are around 20%. Very easy business to run. Receive order, once payment received from stripe, order the pond or equipment direct online with the supplier or the manufacturer. Could be expanded and turned into a real profit centre in the right hands, I simply do not have the time, as I'm busy with my other projects..

    15759 New Users
    23,070 Sessions
    79906 page views
    3.46 per session
    52.79% Bounce rate
    02:30min Session Duration
    Revenue Per User £5.63
    See screen shot for revenue per user (LTV) taken from Google Analytics

    The sale is for the website, drop shipping accounts, contacts etc, but not the assets of the company. When the website is sold, the company will be dissolved. So that I can concentrate on other projects.

    Please contact me directly musostu (at) gmail dot com

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