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GA Improvements - So Far So Goodle

Discussion in 'Domain Traffic / Keyword Research' started by Aegean, Apr 17, 2012.

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    I'm really enjoying some of the new data Google is making available via its consumer version of Google analytics. There are some very useful and in-depth reports available now, right down to the individual visitor and their precise activity before they arrived on your site and during their visit, including what branded device they were looking at your site on.

    Apart from a few new (and still Beta) additions such as the 'live view' data, etc, there are some other really useful new components which I like in particular, such as the report email facility.

    Basically you can go to any particular report and automatically email it to another person that does not normally have access to your analytics data. It can be emailed in various formats such as CSV, TSV for Excel and PDF, plus you can shedule an email to occur for any report at a chosen timeframe, such as every week.

    So lets say I'm interested in buying that site of yours. I could ask you to email me a set of reports every week for the next 6 weeks. Your analytics will do it automatically. I think this is great for clients, justifying ad revenue rates and of course for potential buyers.

    Some more new improvements on Google UK will be rolled out during the next quarter, I'll be looking forward to seeing what else becomes available, but so far so good.
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