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InternetOfThings.co.uk seeking broker support. PM only pls

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by WalkinDude, Sep 24, 2020.

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    Please only PM as this is not a discussion page. Acorn has 15,000 members and you never know unless you ask. Any inquiries kindly PM.

    Made a big push to sell this domain this spring and got a lot of feedback. Got in touch with a lot of industry types seeking a fairly bullish asking price. About 2 dozen inquiries but nothing got confirmed and timing was just as the economy tanked. Visitors to the webpage shot up though so I made some inroads to awareness. One party got back and said activity [investment] is dead for example. These were tech/iot managers, Directors, Senior Level and up.

    Was hoping to make another push but what with news of what Winter is shaping up to be economically not sure what to make of it.

    InternetOfThings.com is on sale for $899,000 on MediaOptions.com and IoT.co.uk/uk owner apparently won't consider anything less than xxx,xxx according to the website.

    I'm offering up to a 25% brokers fee to any party responsible for furthering a sale to completion. Perhaps you've got industry contacts, or just awesome broker skills. How the brokers fee is structured is subject to agreement and your estimate of the achievable sale price for example.


    In the UK there are approx 7000 Professionals with InternetOfThings or IOT in their job titles according to LInkedIn and thousands more in related jobs. Anything from Director to IoT Sales Manager. I reached several hundred but in terms of time and actual cost hoping to speed things up a bit.

    Top 130 Funded IoT UK Industrial Suppliers
    Top 50 UK IoT funded Companies

    InternetOfThings is more a B2B concept than a B2C as a domain name.

    Survey reveals that EV and IoT biggest growth areas for UK electronics sector

    InternetOfThings means billions of devices and sensors connected to the Internet. Resulting in Big Data, then Machine Learning, and AI or Neural Software Technology as the mountain of data is orders of magnitude larger now. IoT is considered the umbrella for all these technologies though some of the others are matching it in Investment.

    In America, InternetOfThings gets twice the searches IoT gets. In the UK InternetOfThings gets 4x the searches IoT gets.

    Google has 250million results for IoT [100million UK specific]
    Google has 4.5billion 'results' for Internet Of Things [1 billion UK specific] [60million " "]

    The IoT industry, expected to add around £322 billion to the UK economy by 2020, is disrupting our lives and is attracting a lot of attention from investors throughout the world. Sonnovate.com

    Lots more information here and here.

    So if you happen to have Industry Contacts offering as I say up to a 25% Brokers fee. Kindly respond by PM if at all. Thanks for looking.

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