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Nominet .UK Defeat by Referendum in Scotland - Speculator Caution

Discussion in '.UK Domain Name Consultations' started by HWDA, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. HWDA

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    Speculators, a word of caution! Nominet will face legal challenges in the courts, both UK and European, if this .UK decision arrives before September 18th 2014.

    To protect Scotland's constitutional right for a "free and fair" referendum in 2014 our YES group is ready to challenge Nominet. You are welcome to join.

    Today I spoke today to Gavin McCutcheon, a DotScot Registry director. We will support their tender to manage Scotland's new country code post-independence, when made.

    Stage 2 proceedings of The Scottish Independence Referendum Bill take place on 3 October 2013. Nominet failed to heed warnings to "delay". Nominet now places itself foul of the Royal Assent anticipated for referendum Bill in November 2013. So we now propose abolishing Nominet.

    Previously I spoke to Nominet's Phil Kingsland and submitted my objection. Our arguments still stand. See my previous post on Acorn Domains Forums here: nominet-please-delay-uk-decision-until-2015-a.html

    I am all for speculation. I have my own portfolio in currency reversion such as Drachmaholidays.com. However speculators should be cautious about Nominet's capacity to deliver .UK. We recommend speculators consider other options such as the future .GB

    We expect business objections to a new .UK to be massive, prior to voting. We anticipate beating Nominet in Scotland on the grounds of electoral fairness. Keep your money in the bank.
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    Glasgow 11th September 2013?

    Did you attend the Nominet .uk round table meeting in Glasgow 11th September 2013?

    If so did you raise this subject at the meeting and if so what was the response please?

    If not have you had any written response from Nominet?

    Did you provide your feedback to the Nominet .uk consultation, if so is it published?
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