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_co_uk 31 Premium one word .co.uk domain names ending in LY; £80 each!


FWIW, a domainer went and registered the .uk version of all your domains posted for sale.
Odd purchase in my view, but all subjective of course and well done to the OP for finding recent FTR domains someone was willing to pay for.
Maybe if the OP had just mentioned and listed they were for sale instead of taking the community for a bunch of newbie idiots:
'Premium real one word domain names'
'These are top domain names'
'This is a chance for someone to get a top set of domain names'
'one sale could pay for the rest of these for years!'
'the combined price on these is in the high five figures!'
'This is an amazing price for these domains'

If you like that kind of patter maybe you want to buy a bridge? *That's* why people (as you so eloquently put it) 'sh*t' in a sales thread. Well done on the sale but they still aren't any of the above.

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