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Fresh Store Builder v2.6.2 Now Released

Discussion in 'Fresh Store Builder' started by careybaird, May 17, 2012.

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  1. careybaird

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    I am pleased to announce v2.6.2 is available to all members.

    This is mainly a bug fix and tweak release, although we have managed to sneak in a couple of nice features including a Newsletter Subscriber list and export.

    Premium members also get a brand new "Easy Upgrade" package. This is a separate download and contains only the files that have been changed from the previous version (in this case the last main version - v2.5.0).

    The number of files in the package is much, much less which saves on downloading/uploading time and means you can upgrade your stores super quick.

    The full release notes for this version are here:

    - Product Limit For Autopopulate Settings
    - Sitemaps In Their Own Directory
    - Temporary Newsletter Subscriber List And Export

    - Fix Amazon Library 500 Server Error
    - Fix 'Add To Cart' and 'Buy It Now' Display Bug (All Templates)
    - Fix Downloadable Product Bug
    - Fix Search Result Child Product Bug
    - Fix SQL Injection In Reset Link Vulnerbility
    - Fix Header Display Issue (Classiccoloured)
    - Fix Autopopulate Without Category Bug
    - Fix Missing Directory Messages
    - Fix Hidden Manufacturer Pagename Bug
    - Fix Autopopulate Image Count Filter Bug
    - Fix AllowOverride .htaccess Bug
    - Fix Stalfoshop Product Count Bug
    - Fix Missing Product Option Offer Bug

    The blog post announcement is here http://blog.freshstorebuilder.com/new-version-fresh-store-builder-v2-6-2

    Also if you missed it, there are a ton of features included in 2.6 which you can read about here:


    Enjoy :cool:
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