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Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by domsaleuk, Feb 12, 2016.

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    I thought I would start a thread to find out what general thoughts are within the domain community about buying and selling co.uk names at the moment.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it would seem to me that after all the concerns about the launch of .UK and the 1900 GTLD’s some time ago, that we are way down the line and that co.uk is now looking very strong in terms of future potential.

    What confuses me therefore is the lack of activity that there still appears to be between domainers.

    Maybe I am missing something? But the reason I say this because if you look back through posts on this site over recent months you will see little activity in terms of public responses to domains offered and there are very few wanted ads. Similarly DL auction sales prices seem generally low.

    Why is this? I am honestly confused as when I look at the TV these days I see more and more co.uk domains I have not heard of being used and similarly new sites are being launched all the time by end users. The need for businesses to have a website is surely set to increase as time goes on … and I would have thought bigger companies with lots of content and product ranges etc are likely to require more and more microsites as time progresses.

    I just wondered what people’s thoughts on this are?
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    If I was being optimistic we could be on the brink of explosion. We've pretty much reached saturation point with .Co.uk. What would move things on quite nicely would be a few ngtld registries to collapse.

    I guess one downside atm is we're still in recession and potentially about to go again.